About Us

La Costa Greenhouses, (formerly known as Horace Anderson Greenhouses), has been serving the San Diego community and beyond since the 1960’s. Our Greenhouses, located less than a 1/2 mile from the Pacific Ocean in Encinitas, CA, enjoy perfect climate year around. This is one reason we offer the healthiest and most beautiful plants. We also attribute our longevity to superb service along with great products. One of our main goals is to get our customers the plants they want in a timely fashion. If a plant is not in stock in one of our Greenhouses we will source the plant and find a way to have it in stock within 24 hours of a request. No order is too small to have this service. La Costa Greenhouses prides itself on fulfilling every order with the highest level of service and products.

In the 1950’s, Horace Anderson became interested in why Philodendrons and Monstera were grown from cuttings and not from seeds. This was especially perplexing to him since Philodendrons and Monsteras had huge blooms. He talked to several people and one of them, Bill Evans (the head landscaper for Disney), figured out how to make seed on Philodendrons. Jolly Batcheller at Cal Poly also figured it out about the same time. Horace eventually learned how to produce seed and went on to produce several hybrids: P. Anderson’s Red, P. Tuxmog, P. Theodore, and P. Tuxla F-1 hybrid. P. Tuxla, although rarely grown in the U.S., became by far, the best selling hybrid in Europe.

The management and employees of La Costa Greenhouses have many decades of experience in the plant industry. That experience, coupled with a focus in giving the customers the best products and service, is vital to our success. Please contact us with any questions or for a tour of our greenhouses.